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Blossom Educational


Strengthening the relationship between parents and nurseries

Whilst you’re apart from your child, you want to know that your child is safe, happy and receiving a solid foundation for their education. We use a secure online platform called Blossom to record the development of your child. Through Blossom we track and understand your child’s learning more effectively and build strong, trusting parent partnerships by sharing their development, as well as invoices and billing information with you through the Parent App.


Learning journeys and golden moments

Our staff at Little Lattons Nursery love using Blossom as it reduces paper work so they can spend more time with children. By creating higher quality observations and linking them to the EYFS framework we track and monitor children’s progress enabling a greater understanding of your child’s learning and development.



Sharing timelines and updates with you.

We share diary timelines of your child’s activities here at nursery so that you can cherish those golden moments. As parents, you can update your own profiles and your child’s information, including details such as their likes and dislikes, so we can be kept updated on how your child is doing at home.



View your invoices and payment receipts

To make it easier to keep track of your finances, the account section of the app holds all the details of your invoices, receipts and account balance.



Be more involved with your child’s development

A strong partnership with parents is crucial to give your child a solid foundation for development in their early years. As a parent, you can contribute by sending in your own observations and photos from home so that we can build on this learning at nursery. You can see formative reports of your child for a detailed view of their overall development.


Editing the child profile in the parent app

On the parent app, parents can view and edit certain areas of the child's all about me section. This enbles the staff at Little Lattons Nursery to keep up to date with child’s likes and dislikes, family and development.


How can a parent edit the child's all about me section?

  • Parent App > Click all about me > See the different sections > Click into the specific section > Click on a heading and make the edit > Save.


Which areas of the child’s all about me section can be edited?

  • General information: Gender, ethnicity, address, postcode.
  • Family: Siblings, position in the family, languages spoken at home, and a parent's marital status.
  • Health and Diet: Fussy eater.
  • Development: Drinking method, special educational needs, English as an additional language, daily routine, physical skills, language skills, social skills, attends another setting.
  • Likes and dislikes: Toys, books, food, other interests.

Currently, the information that cannot be edited is enrollment details, permissions, health, and diet information. When clicking on these areas a pop-up will appear stating ‘This field cannot be edited. Contact the nursery to update the information'.

How can a parent contact the nursery directly?

  • Send an instant message by clicking the message icon in the top right corner of your screen. This will only be visible if your nursery has the messenger feature activated.
  • On the parent apps home screen click nursery name and select call or email. This should show the nursery's email address and/or telephone number.

How does the nursery know if a parent has made a change?

A manager, Nursery Administrator, Room Leader, and a child's key person/persons will all receive a notification to alert them of the change made.

  • Blossomboard > Bell icon.

Can the nursery view a log of the changes made?

Yes, the nursery can view a change log within the child profile.

  • Children > Select child > About > Click three dots > Here you can see the log of changes made.






Security is of key concern to us and Blossom takes its security measures very seriously. To ensure complete safeguarding, we work together with Blossom who are compliant with OFSTED regulations and registered with the Data Protection Act. Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which are in the EEA. AWS includes broad security certification and accreditation, data encryption at rest and in-transit, hardware security modules and strong physical security. AWS is used by many of the largest conglomerates in the world including banks. Your data is stored and backed up frequently on cloud-based secured servers so it can never be lost. Only you, and those you authorise, will have access to your Blossom Educational accounts. You can restrict the people you authorise to only be able to view specific data. All passwords are encrypted so only you as parents and us as your child’s nursery have access to it. We value your privacy and have thought of the new challenges and are ready to enable you to have more control over the data on our platform, with the new rights in line with GDPR. As the data controller, you will need to respond to data requests and we, as the data processor, will help you. In the case of your child leaving your setting, we can move them into an 'archived' area. Data can be permanently deleted on your request. If you explicitly ask us to then Blossom will delete your data immediately. In some cases, some data may remain in backups until those backups are rotated. What is also important, all backups are fully encrypted and it is not possible to read them anywhere apart from the AWS RDS server (RDS – database service on AWS).